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Why Aluminum, not steel?

Today’s car manufacturers are using more aluminum wheels for their automobiles than ever before.  Roughly 75% of all wheels on the market today are aluminum.  Aluminum wheels are lighter, handle better, have better gas mileage and look better than steel wheels with hubcaps. Despite these advantages, aluminum wheels are more prone to curb damage, corrosion and bending due to potholes.  A Wheel Perfection 360® franchisee is the ideal solution for repairing these wheels while at the same time being an excellent solution for steel wheel damage as well.
Cosmetic Damages

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replace vs. repair

Manufacturers now commonly use 17” wheels as standard equipment. Some OEM wheels even range up to 22” with aftermarket wheels as large as 30”. These larger wheels have proven to be less durable and replacing a bent or damaged wheel with a new one is becoming much more costly. A new OEM wheel can range in the hundreds of dollars depending upon whether the car is a standard family sedan or a high-priced sports car. We are ready to tackle all types. Wheel Perfection 360® can refinish a wheel with cosmetic damage for roughly $85 to $200 depending upon the nature of the damage and the type of car. Similarly, Wheel Perfection 360® can typically repair a bent wheel for $100 to $200. These repairs can often be performed in just 30 to 60 minutes in our mobile trailers. These significant savings and quick response are just two reasons car owners and insurance companies favor having wheels repaired by Wheel Perfection 360® over replacement.

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Large re-manufacturing facilities do exist to provide repair and reconditioning services, but they lack access to the vehicle for precise color matching and sheen. Moreover, there is will be a substantial delay in getting the damage or reconditioned wheel returned to the car owner who wishes to have the car up to speed as soon as possible. So the “reman wheel” is not an ideal solution for our customers. Wheel Perfection 360® has all the equipment, supplies and techniques to accurately refinish a customer’s wheels in our mobile trailers in minutes instead of days or weeks.


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Wheel Perfection 360® is now offering franchises.  Unlike other franchise programs, your area of primary responsibility is not fixed to a certain mile radius, population size or business count; rather we take into consideration the potential market opportunity for wheel repair services in arriving at an appropriate area for you to service.

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Start a Franchise

Wheel Perfection 360® is offering franchises to individuals and business interested in taking advantage of the rapidly growing wheel repair market.
We are with you every step of the way. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Please note what we have provided online at this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a formal offer of a franchise to you.  A formal offer of a franchise can only be made by a Franchise Disclosure Document we must give you at least 14 calendar days prior to any purchase of a franchise.  We must also observe both federal and state law that may affect the sale of a franchise to you.